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  • Webinars really are the fastest way to significantly increase your income
  • The world needs you to share your truth and there is no better way to reach more people than with a successful webinar
  • You will see your self-confidence grow in leaps and abounds when you start making money with webinars
  • Find out how my clients and I regularly have 4k and 5k months with webinars

Join me on this FREE training call on Wednesday 4th January at 8 pm GMT where I share EVERYTHING you need to know to create successful, authentic and profitable Webinars


I will give you the exact steps you need to take to set up your own successful, authentic and profitable webinar on this LIVE training.

#WebinarSuccessSecrets includes:

  • The #1 way you can create money with your webinar – I will share how my clients and I create 4 and 5-figure months using webinars so that you can model this in your business
  • I will take you STEP-BY-STEP through all the tech set up that you need including which software to use
  • I will share with you why webinars should ALWAYS be a part of your Launch
  • The exact formula you can use to make selling on your webinar easy!

“I got SO many discovery sessions sign up that I have stopped counting. Plus people to my list which all in all meant more sale and income. I have worked with Claire for a year now and it is such a relief that she has a passion for this kind of work…wow! Thank you!”

Liselotte Ellegård

Who you are …

  • You are most likely a heart-centered female entrepreneur who wants to change the world with your truth, your soul purpose.  You have achieved some success in your business already but you know that you want 2017 to be your best year ever.
  • You have probably attempted a webinar before but you don’t feel it was too successful and the cost of the software you purchased is adding up.  You don’t particularly enjoy the tech so you want a simple solution that is easy for you to manage.
  • You have seen other change-makers running webinars smoothly and launching their programs with them and next year this is in your plans too!

This free training is for you if you have answered yes to any of the above!

I will be going through lots of content and you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, so make sure you bring a pen and notebook! My webinars are always lots of fun and very interactive 🙂

Who Am I?

familyMy name is Claire Mount and I’m a mom, a spiritual being and a business owner.  Almost 3 years ago I stepped outside of my comfort zone and told friends and family that I was moving to the sunshine.  I booked one-way tickets to the Canary Islands and a few months later after selling or giving away most of my possessions I set off for a new life in the sun with just 4 suitcases, my daughters and our dog.

Fast forward to now, three years later, and after meeting the man of my dreams almost two years ago I am looking forward to a new and exciting chapter in my life in 2017.

I am also the secret behind quite a few well-known and successful female entrepreneurs and have been spending the last 5 years creating lots of behind-the-scenes technical wizardry.

I am now being called to step out of my comfort zone again and to take my work one step further and to reach more people.

My big why?  To be a catalyst in our world, to create positive change and that starts with me and with you!

Karen Testimonial 28th May 2015

When you implement what I teach, you will reach and serve more people, sharing your amazing and valuable gifts whilst raising the vibration of the planet and creating more income for yourself (which also means you get to do more good in the world with the extra income!).

Join me on this FREE training call where I share ALL my Webinar Success Secrets that you need to know to create successful, authentic profitable webinars